Custom Plastics Manufacturing That’s Fast And Reliable

    Manufacturing Based On Your Specifications

    Wright Plastic Products is your partner in custom plastics manufacturing. We’re here to walk you through the injection molding process from start to finish, ensuring your products are produced exactly how you want them.

      Along with creating straightforward injection molds, Wright Plastic has the technical and mechanical capabilities to create complex plastic products. Our 2-shot injection mold machines are calibrated for efficiency and accuracy. Instead of manufacturing one component at a time, removing it from the machine to make additions, our process creates two separate parts, molded simultaneously.

      Wright engineers use this injection molding press in their Michigan and Eastern Tennessee locations with sizes that run from 28 ton to 500 ton, and various types of automation. We also use vertical shuttle and rotary presses.

      Our other manufacturing capabilities include:

          • Working with a variety of materials to mold class “A” surface products with tight tolerance profiles
            • In-mold decorating
              • Ultrasonic inserts
                • Overmold / soft touch
                  • Sonic and spin welding
                    • Heat staking
                      • In-house tool repair
                        • Automated assembly cells
                          • Post-mold decorating
                            • Managed outsourced leather wrap, painting, chrome plating, wood grain and more

                              For more information on Wright Plastic’s manufacturing capabilities, connect with our custom plastic product experts now.

                              Sheridan, MI (Corporate)

                              201 Condensery Rd.
                              Sheridan, MI 48884
                              Phone: (989) 291-3211
                              Fax: (989) 291-5321

                              St. Clair, MI

                              2021 Christian B. Haas
                              St. Clair, MI  48079
                              Phone: (810) 326-3000
                              Fax: (810) 326-5000

                              Madisonville, TN

                              351 Industrial Park Road
                              Madisonville, TN  37354
                              Phone: (423) 442-4471
                              Fax: (423) 442-6168

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